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Want to know how to play? Visit the Survival or Towny guides.
Want to report a player? Join the Discord server and create a ticket on the #support channel.
Have a question? Ask on the #community-help channel on Discord.
Need urgent staff help? Create a ticket on the #support channel.
Want to appeal for a ban? Create a ticket on the #support channel and select Ban Appeals.


Avallion is a passion project. We run this server because we enjoy playing Minecraft, we enjoy providing a friendly community and we enjoy the technical challenge; not because we're looking for money and profit. This server is free for everyone to play on, and we are all volunteers.

Like Avallion Network? Help support us by voting every day and donating! By voting, you are directly supporting Avallion by increasing our visibility on Minecraft server sites. By donating, you get various perks while helping Avallion maintain the server and update it with cool new features. We promise every cent of donation will be used only to make the server better for everyone!


Join Avallion's Discord server at https://discord.gg/zYcbye2fye to get the latest news, updates, and support. Link your Minecraft account to access even more of the server, from live chats, suggestions and bugs, to bot minigames. Visit the #verification channel to link your account.