Welcome to Avallion!

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Avallion Network is a Minecraft multiplayer server focused on community. We currently have one gamemode, Survival!

We're all about an active and friendly community, passionate staff, and, most importantly, having fun! We have a Discord server where we interact outside Minecraft. There you can chat with players in-game, keep up with the latest announcements and updates, and get support.

The Survival gamemode is semi-vanilla — simple fun with a couple of unique features. This Survival Guide covers everything you need to know to survive, trade, cooperate, and build wonderful creations.

1.Getting Started

Welcome to Avallion! When you first join the server, you'll be at the world spawn. You'll need to register a new password by typing /register (password) (confirmPassword). We recommend you not to register a password you use elsewhere. After that, type /rtp to be teleported to a random location in the world and start playing Survival!

After you've found a good spot for a base, make sure to do /sethome to set a home at your location. Homes are locations you can teleport to any time using /home, and return to when you die. For now, you can only set 1 home, but you'll be able to set more later on.

You can ask to teleport to another player using /tpa (name), and ask a player to teleport to you using /tpahere (name). To accept a teleport request from another player, type /tpaccept.

Don't forget to read and follow the rules. Not knowing about the rules doesn't justify breaking them. If you see someone break the rules, make sure to report them to our staff team in-game or on our Discord server.

2.Protecting Your Base


Golden Shovel

Claims are areas of land that you own. They're used to protect your base and belongings from other players. In order to create a claim, you must hold a Golden Shovel, and right-click on opposing corners of the area you want to claim. You can invite your friends to build in your claims by "trusting" them using /trust (name).

Claims prevent unwanted people to place and break blocks, open doors, interact with mobs and redstone, open containers, and /sethome. PvP is completely disabled inside claims; absolutely no one can directly attack you inside them — even trusted players. They are very powerful tools against griefing and trolling. Always remember to claim first before expanding your base or building a new one.

You have a limited amount of blocks you can claim at a time, referred to as "claim blocks". You will start with 100 claim blocks, and earn 100 claim blocks per hour of active gameplay. The maximum amount of claim blocks you may earn from gameplay starts at 40,000 blocks. You will gain +10,000 maximum claim blocks with each rank up, adding up to a total of 120,000 maximum claim blocks at Rank VIII.

Claim TypeExpiry Time
Chest claims60 days
Unused claims90 days
All claims365 days

Claims will expire at different times, depending on the type of claim. Chest claims are the claim that is created the very first time you place a chest, as a new user. The system automatically creates a small claim around this chest, which you can then expand into a normal claim. Unused claims are claims that do not have any player-placed blocks in them, i.e., you claimed an area but then never touched it. All other claims will expire after 365 days without logging in.

2.bInspect Blocks

Have you ever wondered who placed that random stone block? Who opened your front door? Or which one of your friends stole your emeralds?

You can easily find that out using the Inspector! Type /co i and left click on a block to see who placed or broke that block. To see who interacted with a block, right click the block instead. With right click you can inspect activity on chests, furnaces, doors, buttons, levers, and such. Right clicking on a non-interactable block will just inspect the block in front of it.

You can also see what actions were done near your location with /co near. Not only does this show block and container activity, but also items dropped/picked up, entities/players killed, deaths, and even player sessions!

These features are particularly useful to catch griefers and stealers, who you can then report to staff on our Discord server. So if you're planning to grief or steal from someone, remember that all of your actions are noted and can be looked up easily. Don't even try!

4.Money & Trading

Trading with other players is an important part of Survival. To trade, you'll need money, in the form of dollars ($). Type /bal to check how much money you have. Everyone starts out with $2,500. You can earn money by selling diamonds at /warp shop, at $1,000 each. You can also earn money by voting with /vote, and of course, trading stuff with others.

There are a couple of ways to trade with other players. You can meet up somewhere safe, such as /spawn, and manually drop the traded items. You can then pay directly to the player using /pay (amount). Be careful of other players nearby who might pick up the items! If the buyer doesn't pay the agreed price, you can report them to staff for scamming.

There are other, safer methods of trading, such as using the AuctionHouse and chest shops.


The AuctionHouse is a virtual shop that can be accessed anywhere using /ah. There players can put their items on Auction for 3 days for all players to view and buy if they are interested. AuctionHouse is also linked with our custom made Ranks System; while the default amount of listings for a player is 5 items at once, a Rank III player can list up to 10 items simultaneously.

There are several limitations we have implemented within the AuctionHouse mechanic for the sole purpose of ensuring healthy and balanced trading for all players. As per our limitations, a regular player is unable to list an item cheaper than $5,000 at the AuctionHouse and each listing costs $500 to put on Auction. We encourage to use chest-shops or manual trading in a safe location (e.g: a claim or the /spawn) for cheap, or daily use items which do not cost $5,000 in small quantities.

4.bExchanging Diamonds

Our primary method of earning money is exchanging diamonds for money at /warp shop which is located at our spawn. At warp shop, you may exchange your diamonds for $1,000 per diamond which you may then use for trading other players. If you are not interested in selling your hard earned diamonds, it is always an option to trade other players for cash.

Did you know you could also buy diamonds at /warp shop? If you are in dire need of diamonds and no player is willing to sell them to you for a reasonable price, consider using the chest shop at spawn which will sell diamonds for $3,000 each.

4.cTrading Ethics

As it is our primary goal to create a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere for all players, we have certain trading rules which we kindly ask you to follow. Those rules may not be written out in our rules, however we will be doing our absolute best in order to enforce safe trading for all.

You are simply requested to be honest in your trades. Do not try to kill your seller/buyer or adjust the price to your liking. Although we are with a player-driven economy, please do remember that selling items much below their price may possibly be hazardous to other sellers just wishing to trade. If you would like to enforce your own prices, we ask you to set up a Chest-Shop at one of your Player-Warps which you will obtain at higher Ranks To help you get a better understanding of our trading rules, we have listed some simple Dos and Don'ts below.

Investigate the Market before sellingSell items much below their current price
Be honest regarding the prices and quantitiesTrick players into buying things much above their players
Ask for trades in safe locationsTry and kill your buyer/seller outside claims/spawn