These are the rules and guidelines that every player on Avallion must follow. They are made to ensure a friendly and enjoyable multiplayer experience for everyone.

Failure to abide by these rules will not be tolerated and result in warning and punishment.

Having no knowledge about a rule is NOT a valid justification for breaking it.

About Avallion

Avallion Logo

Primarily, we want people to have fun! After all, that is what playing games is for — escaping the real world for a little while. We also aim to create a safe, healthy, and friendly online environment for everyone to enjoy. Therefore, we enforce child-friendly values here, such as forbidding vulgar language, adult topics, etc.

Avallion is a passion project. We run this server because we enjoy playing Minecraft, we enjoy providing a friendly community and we enjoy the technical challenge; not because we're looking for money and profit. This server is free for everyone to play on, and we are all volunteers. Please remember this when interacting with staff! We have real lives and jobs. Sometimes we are tired, and sometimes we make mistakes.

Other important tenets that we will be continuing here are transparency and openness. Decisions made by the staff team will be open for all to see, except in circumstances where it would risk the security of the server. When we make mistakes, we own up to them. We hope to see this kind of honesty from our players as well. If you spot a bug or a glitch, tell us! We strive to fix problems quickly and not leave users feeling left out in the cold.

General Rules

  1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Aggressive, malicious and deceitful behavior is not tolerated. Be responsible. Treat everyone with respect and keep an appropriate behavior.
  2. This is a child-friendly server! Vulgar and derogatory language is strictly forbidden. Topics for adults should not be discussed here. Inappropriate content in any form will be purged and the creator(s) punished appropriately.
  3. Cyberbullying and discrimination toward others in any form is absolutely not tolerated. Don't scam, troll, or grief other players.
  4. Cheating, hacking, exploiting bugs, and taking unfair advantage is forbidden. Having multiple accounts (alts) on the server is not allowed. If you find hackers or bugs, please report them as soon as possible to our staff team.
  5. Advertising other Minecraft servers, websites, or other commercial products in any form is forbidden.
  6. No rules lawyering — if your excuse for bad behavior is it wasn’t specifically outlined in these rules, you will still be punished. Forging false proof or framing will double your punishment. Helping or keeping the secrets of rule breakers is punishable, and so is trying to get someone into trouble.

For more detailed descriptions of each rule, read the Detailed Rules below.

Detailed Rules

DISCLAIMER: The punishments listed here are merely guidelines. In-game, the exact punishments might be different depending on the case. Staff are authorized to base their punishments on their good judgment.

1.1Survival Rules

  1. Exploiting game mechanics, whether vanilla or non-vanilla, is strictly forbidden. If you are caught even just attempting to exploit, you will still be punished.
  2. Duping in any kind or form is not allowed. Building duping machines is punishable.
  3. AFK fishing is not allowed. Fishing farms/machines will be removed.
  4. Building machines/farms for the sole purpose of causing lag is forbidden.
  5. Inappropriate builds and adult content are punishable and will be removed.
  6. Do not attempt to get onto the nether roof by any means.
  7. Staff will not teleport entities for you, with the exception of dogs, cats, and parrots.
  8. Scamming or breaking trade deals is forbidden. Your scammed items/money will be taken away.
  9. Do not trade in-game items using real money. Avallion Network is NOT responsible for purchases outside our official Tebex store.

The End dimension resets once every three months.

1st offenseWarning
2nd offenseKick
3rd offenseBan 3 days
4th offenseBan 7 days
5th offenseBan 30 days
6th offensePermanent ban


We encourage players to communicate in the English language at all times. This is to ensure ease of communication on public chat and prevent vulgarity in non-English languages. However, you may communicate in any language when using /msg or /party chat.

  1. Swearing and vulgar language is strictly forbidden. Although we have an automatic censoring system, please do not swear and rely on it to censor your language. Please keep the chat environment friendly and harmless for all ages.
  2. Usage of slurs and derogatory terms; whether it be racial, ethnic, sexual, or religious; is NOT tolerated. No amount of reasoning — absolutely none — will excuse. This is no place for bigotry.
  3. Be polite and show respect to others. We play on Avallion to have fun, and being disrespectful is never fun for anyone.
  4. When joking, it is your responsibility to ensure everyone you're chatting with will also see it as an inoffensive joke. You are in no position to blame other people for being 'snowflakes' who can't take jokes.
  5. No spamming or flooding chat. Don't repeat yourself or use CAPS LOCK.
  6. Do not advertise! This includes IPs to other servers, Discord links, website URLs, and other forms of product endorsement.
  7. Do not impersonate anyone, especially other players and staff members.
  8. No fancy text or glitch characters. Not only are they unpleasant to see on in-game chat, but they are also incompatible for narration.
  9. Do not beg for items, ranks, or any other benefit. Just play the game and earn it yourself.
  10. Threatening others is not tolerated. Doxxing, blackmailing, and extortion will be taken seriously. Threatening the server and its security will also be taken very seriously by the staff team.
Mild offenseWarning
1st offenseMute 30 minutes
2nd offenseMute 3 hours
3rd offenseMute 24 hours
4th offenseBan 3 days
5th offenseBan 7 days
6th offensePermanent ban


PvP is a controversial subject for most players, especially in a survival setting. It often reverts hours upon hours of progress, and give it to someone who's simply better at killing. However, we believe that taking responsibility, in this case at protecting yourself from PvP, is an very important value. We are striving to have a server where PvP is not frowned upon.

PvP is enabled in Avallion Survival, but we have also provided many easy ways to protect against it. Claim your base and the surrounding area; direct PvP is completely disabled inside claims. Don’t accept teleport requests from people you don’t trust. Don’t let your coordinates be known. If you have the dedication to, build two bases, one that is only known by you and nobody else. Only do trades at spawn, where PvP is blocked.

Trapping inside claims is forbidden. Trapping, in this context, is utilizing environmental damage to kill other players. Since environmental damage is still enabled inside claims, players might build traps inside their claims to bypass direct PvP protection. However, this is an unfair tactic; the other party wouldn't be able to escape from the claimed trap nor could they defend themselves. Setting up traps outside claims, on the other hand, is allowed.

That being said, these methods of trapping are not allowed, whether inside a claim or not:

  1. Teleporting other players into a trap (TP-trapping)
  2. Building a trap at a public warp
  3. Building a trap at someone's logout location
  4. Portal trapping

Teleport-killing is not forbidden, so it is your responsibility to avoid it. When you teleport to another player using /tpa or /tpahere, PvP between you and the other party is disabled for 120 seconds. This helps mitigate teleport-killing, but doesn't completely prevent it. Make sure to NEVER accept teleport requests from strangers and teleport only to players you know.

Warp-killing, whether the player warp is yours or not, is forbidden. If you're making a player warp, make sure to claim the area around it to prevent warp-killers and campers.

1.3cMisc. PvP Rules

  1. Setting homes at or near other people's bases to grief, harass, or kill them is prohibited.
  2. Do not disconnect within 15 seconds after PvPing (hitting or getting hit by another player). If you do, you will instantly die when you join the server again (combat log).
Mild offenseWarning & kick
1st offenseBan 24 hours
2nd offenseBan 3 days
3rd offenseBan 7 days
4th offenseBan 30 days
5th offensePermanent ban


Griefing and stealing is impossible inside claims. Always claim your base to prevent griefing. When a player you've trusted to a claim griefs it, they will be punished depending on the damage and the claim will be rollbacked to its undamaged state. All the items inside containers will also be rollbacked. Stolen items will be taken away from the griefer.

If your land isn't claimed and it got griefed, the griefer will still be punished accordingly, and all stolen items will be taken away. However, the damage will NOT be rollbacked; the area wasn't claimed in the first place and is therefore your responsibility.

Mild offenseBan 24 hours
Moderate offenseBan 3 days
Severe offenseBan 7 days
Critical offensePermanent ban

1.5Hacking and Modded Clients

Hacking in any shape is absolutely NOT allowed. No exceptions. We take hackers very seriously in Avallion, and if you attempt to hack here, you will face grave consequences.

Autoclickers, macros and physical weights on your keyboard/mouse/controller are not allowed.

If the hack directly or indirectly gives you advantages in the form of items (such as X-ray), in addition to getting banned, your items will be taken away, and your Survival rank and balance will be reset.

Modded clients that give you unfair advantages are strictly forbidden. Printer, autobuilding, and schematics mods are not allowed. These are the ONLY allowed mods on Avallion:

  1. Forge
  2. Fabric
  3. Optifine, Sodium, and other FPS-enhancing mods
  4. Shaders
  5. Xaero's Minimap and Worldmap

All mods that are not explicitly stated here are forbidden. Do not ask staff whether your mod is allowed or not. If you're caught, or even simply admitting to using a forbidden mod, you will be punished; even if you didn't know it was forbidden.

Mild offenseWarning
1st offenseKick
2nd offenseBan 30 days
3rd offensePermanent ban

1.6Accounts and Safety

Please, do NOT share your personal information anywhere online. Even to your closest online friends. This is for your digital and physical safety. Once your identity leaks online, it will never fade away. Even worse, you might be doxxed or blackmailed by complete strangers. Know that Avallion takes these matters seriously and will take it in our hands, but you'll also have to play your part by not sharing private information.

You are only allowed to have one account. This means you are not allowed to have alt accounts. Staff reserve the right to permanently ban any accounts which we suspect to be used by a single person. If other people play from the same location (IP) as you, you must tell staff members.

For increased security, every player has to /register and /login into the server using a password. If you have a Mojang Minecraft account (premium account), type /premium so you won't have to type in a password anymore. To protect your account and recover it in case you forgot your password, link your email address using /email add.

To protect your account even more, use Two Factor Authentication (2FA). This feature makes it so whenever you log into the server, you will be required to enter a 6-digit code which only you can get. For this, you'll need to download an Authenticator application, such as Google Authenticator. In-game, type /2fa add. Then click on the link and scan the QR code using your Authenticator app. If everything goes right you will get a 6-digit code on the screen. Type /2fa confirm (code) to enable 2FA. This code in the app changes every 30 seconds, and the previous one will expire quickly. Now, every time you login — whether you have premium or not — you will be asked to type /2fa code (code), in which you'll need to input the latest code in the app.

1.7Punishments and Appealing

Punishments are a method to deter undesirable actions and attitude. They are not personal; so please do not attack the staff who'd punished you. Keep in mind that the punishments listed on this page are just guidelines, and most of the time the actual punishments will vary depending on multiple factors. We treat every player fairly, but if the player in question have committed their offenses repeatedly or severely, we will give heavier punishments.

Do NOT attempt to evade your punishment. You did something wrong, and now you must face the consequences of your action. If you evade, prepare to face twice the punishment.

Bypassing your ban by logging in with another account will lead to that account being permanently banned, and the ban duration on your main account will be doubled. Evading bans by using a VPN will get you permanently banned on ALL accounts you own.

Bypassing your mute by using /me or chatting live from the Discord server will double your mute. If bypassed from Discord, you will also be muted there.

Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes people show true regret and remorse for breaking the rules. We think that, in many cases, people deserve another chance. Don’t rush to appeal. Let your emotions cool off, and think about the situation from both sides.

To create a ban appeal, visit our Discord server, go to #support channel and click the letter reaction. Open the #ticket-xxxx channel created for you and choose Unban/Unmute Appeals. Type your Minecraft username and follow the instructions. When appealing, there’s a few important things to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t attack the staff member that banned you! Either they were doing their job, or they made an error in judgment. We are all human, and bashing or attacking the staff member that banned you almost guarantees your appeal won’t be accepted.
  2. Explain the situation as clearly as you can. How did it get to this point? Why did you break the rule?
  3. Show remorse, explain why you think you should be unbanned, and explain how you plan to avoid making the same mistake again. Appeals without these important points are very likely to be dismissed.
  4. Be patient. Asking about your appeal, or bugging staff to review it will not help your case! We have real lives, and sometimes things can take a while to get our full attention. Remember, it’s just a game, and there will always be more time to play.
  5. If a staff member is willing to vouch for you, or you are willing to accept a stricter set of rules in order to be unbanned, then mention this in your appeal.



Redstone is an important part of the game, and we encourage users to build cool redstone devices! However, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

  1. Redstone devices must have a way to be disabled. Usually this is done by adding a clearly marked ON/OFF switch that staff can use to disable your redstone device if it becomes necessary.
  2. The type of redstone devices that are allowed will change as the game changes. Currently, redstone devices like zero-tick farms, or any other redstone device which dupes or takes advantages of exploits are not allowed. If a staff member tells you it isn’t allowed, then please respect that. If you feel your machine is not breaking these rules, feel free to discuss it with staff on the Discord server.
  3. Hoppers must be emptied! Your design must ensure that hoppers do not stay full. Full hoppers can cause lag. This is a known issue with Spigot and is mostly mitigated with PaperSpigot, but please ensure your chests are emptied and hoppers are able to transfer items.
  4. Limit the number of hoppers/clocks in a certain area. If we find a certain chunk is causing lag issues, it’s often because there are too many hoppers, or there is a redstone clock that is firing every tick. These will need to be changed at staffs’ direction.


We do allow non-vanilla spawners to be used via the spawner shop. However, there are important limits to keep in mind. There is a limit of five (5) spawners per chunk. This is to minimize the number of entities that end up bunched together. Please do not try and circumvent this; the spirit of this rule is to keep entity counts reasonable, so that you and others may enjoy the server with minimal lag.