Get started on Avallion's signature gamemode.

Welcome to Survival!

Survival is Avallion's original and signature gamemode. The gamemode is semi-vanilla — simple fun with a couple of unique features. This Survival page provides guides which cover everything you need to know to survive, trade, cooperate, and build wonderful creations.

If you're already familiar with Survival servers, jump straight to New to Avallion.

New to Survival

Getting Started

Welcome to Avallion! When you first join the server, you'll be at the world spawn. You'll need to register a new password by typing /register (password) (confirmPassword). We recommend you not to register a password you use elsewhere. After that, type /rtp to be teleported to a random location in the world and start playing Survival!

After you've found a good spot for a base, make sure to do /sethome to set a home at your location. Homes are locations you can teleport to any time using /home, and return to when you die. For now, you can only set 1 home, but you'll be able to set more later on by ranking up.

You can ask to teleport to another player using /tpa (name), and ask a player to teleport to you using /tpahere (name). To accept a teleport request from another player, type /tpaccept.

Don't forget to read and follow the rules. Not knowing about the rules doesn't justify breaking them. If you see someone break the rules, make sure to report them to our staff team in-game or on our Discord server.

Protecting Your Base


Claims are areas of land that you own. They're used to protect your base and belongings from other players. In order to create a claim, you must hold a Golden Shovel, and right-click on opposing corners of the area you want to claim. You can invite your friends to build in your claims by "trusting" them using /trust (name).

Claims prevent unwanted people to place and break blocks, open chests, and /sethome. PvP is completely disabled inside claims, no one can attack you inside them. They are very powerful tools against griefing and trolling. Always remember to claim first before expanding your base or building a new one.

You have a limited amount of blocks you can claim at a time, known as claim blocks. You start with 100 claim blocks, and you earn 100 claim blocks per hour of active gameplay. The maximum amount of claim blocks you may earn from gameplay starts at 40,000 blocks. You can increase that limit by ranking up.

Claim TypeExpiry Time
Chest claims60 days
Unused claims90 days
All claims365 days

Claims expire at different times, depending on the type of claim. Chest claims are the claim that is created the very first time you place a chest, as a new user. Unused claims are claims that do not have any player-placed blocks in them, i.e., you claimed an area but then never touched it. All other claims will expire after 365 days without logging in.

Inspect Blocks

Have you ever wondered who placed that random stone block? Who opened your front door? Or which one of your friends stole your emeralds?

You can easily find that out using the Inspector! Type /co i and left click on a block to see who placed or broke that block. To see who interacted with a block, right click the block instead. With right click you can inspect activity on chests, furnaces, doors, buttons, levers, and such. Right clicking on a non-interactable block will just inspect the block in front of it.

You can also see what actions were done near your location with /co near.

Money & Trading

Trading with other players is an important part of Survival. To trade, you'll need money, in the form of dollars ($). Type /bal to check how much money you have. Everyone starts out with $2,500. You can earn money by selling diamonds at /warp shop, at $1,000 each. You can also earn money by voting with /vote, and of course, trading stuff with others.

There are a couple of ways to trade with other players. You can meet up somewhere safe, such as /spawn, and manually drop the traded items. You can then pay directly to the player using /pay (amount). Be careful of other players nearby who might pick up the items! If the buyer doesn't pay the agreed price, you can report them to staff for scamming.

There are other, safer methods of trading, such as using the AuctionHouse and chest shops.


The AuctionHouse is a virtual shop that can be accessed anywhere using /ah. There, you can list your item for a price for 3 days for all players to view, and buy if they are interested. At first, you can only list 5 items at once, but you can list more by ranking up.

Listing an item costs $500, and you will be charged with 5% sales tax if the item is sold. You cannot list an item for cheaper than $5,000.

Trading Ethics

You are simply requested to be honest in your trades. Do not try to kill your seller/buyer or adjust the price to your liking. Although we are with a player-driven economy, please do remember that selling items much below their price may possibly be hazardous to other sellers just wishing to trade. If you would like to enforce your own prices, we ask you to set up a Chest Shop at one of your PlayerWarps which you will obtain at higher Ranks To help you get a better understanding of our trading rules, we have listed some simple Dos and Don'ts below.

Investigate the Market before sellingSell items much below their current price
Be honest regarding the prices and quantitiesTrick players into buying things much above their player
Ask for trades in safe locationsTry and kill your buyer/seller outside claims/spawn


Besides dollars, there is a more premium currency in the form of tokens. Tokens can be earned by selling spawners you can find naturally, on /spw sell. They can be used to buy custom spawners on /spw, buy cosmetics, and rank up. To see how many tokens you have, do /token bal.


Avallion is meant to be a friendly community, so you should chat respectfully and without vulgarity. On public chat you are required to speak English, but you can speak any language through private messages.

You can send private messages to someone by typing /msg (name) (message), and reply to the last person you messaged/who messaged you using /r (message).

You can chat privately with a group of friends using the Party system. Type /party create to make a party, then tell your friends to join you using /party join (your name). Type /party chat to chat within the party, and type it again to go back to chatting in public. Type /party help for more things you can do in a party.

New to Avallion


Avallion Survival has a unique progression system called Ranks. There are 8 ranks that you can get, and each of them gives tons of rewards. Type /rank to open the Rank menu.

When you first join, you start off at rank 0, or unranked. You can see this from the [0] in front of your name. You can get higher ranks by ranking up. To rank up, first you need to have enough playtime; you need to play on the server long enough. You also need to pay in-game money and tokens. For example, rank 1 requires 12 hours of playtime and $50,000. When you're all set, type /rankup to rank up.

On the Rank menu (/rank), you can see your current rank, what is needed to unlock the next rank and what ranks you can get. To check out all the 8 ranks, their requirements, and their rewards, type /ranks.

Ranks will give you tons of perks and rewards, such as:

  • special kits,
  • Squire to Prince crate keys,
  • more homes,
  • home invites,
  • PlayerWarps,
  • an exclusive creative world, /buildworld,

...and many more!

Crate Keys

Crate Keys are virtual items that are used to open crates at /warp crates. You earn them by ranking up and playing on the server, and voting. From Rank 2 onwards, you will earn various crate keys regularly, at various intervals. The keys you can earn at each rank are:

RankCrate KeyInterval
2Squire3 hours
4Knight6 hours
6Baron12 hours
8Prince36 hours

For example, after you rank up to rank 2, you will earn a Squire Key every 3 hours of active playtime.

Type /rw and click to redeem the keys you've earned. Once redeemed, the keys can now be used to open crates at /warp crates. There you can see how many keys of each type you have. Open a crate by right-clicking it, and left-click it to preview its rewards.

Cosmetic Keys

Every time you redeem a key on /rw, you have a chance to earn a Cosmetic Key. These are used to open the Cosmetic Crate, which gives many in-game cosmetics and cosmetic-related items. Cosmetics include hats (heads), pets, particles, cloaks, and more. Type /cosmetics to see what cosmetics you have and equip them.

Cheaper and more common cosmetics may be earned through Cosmetic Keys, while the rest will have to be bought using tokens.


You can find natural spawners in the world, like zombie, skeleton, and cave spider spawners. To get spawners without breaking them, use a Silk Touch-enchanted pickaxe. These are useful to make simple farms and grinders.

But, you can also get spawners you can't find in the world, like slime or wither skeleton spawners, from the Spawner Shop. Type /spw to open it. There, spawners are sold for tokens, which you can get by selling natural spawners on /spw sell.

Buyable spawners on /spw change weekly every Sunday. See what's for next week using /spw next.

Once you've ranked up to at least rank 4, you unlock a new section of the Shop called Exclusive Spawners. You can open it by clicking the Netherite icon on the Shop menu. These high quality spawners are unique to each player, and changes every Sunday too.


In Avallion Survival, we have an improved homes system. You can set a home by typing /sethome. Type /home to teleport to your main home. From rank 1, you can set more than one homes, but you have to give the home a name using /sethome (home name) and teleport using /home (home name). /homes to list all your homes, /delhome (home name) to delete a home.

Want a player to be able to teleport to your homes? Type /invite (player). If you want them to teleport to one home only, type /invite (player) (home name). To teleport to someone else's home, use /home (player) (home name). To check everyone you've invited, type /invites.

You might want to set the home you respawn at, and the home you go to when typing /home without specifying a name. To do this you can set your main home by doing /mainhome (home name).


Have a shop or a cool base that you want everyone to visit? Make a PlayerWarp by typing /pwarp create (name). Players can then teleport to your warp at any time by typing /pwarp (your name). When a player warps to your PlayerWarp, they pay $500 to you! So, the more players you can attract to your warp, the more profit you can get.


There are in-game events that you can participate in from time to time. Events range from PvP tournaments, to boss-fighting, and building competitions. Sign up for events on the Discord server, and keep up with new events on the #announcements channel.


Make sure to vote for Avallion on voting websites to get awesome rewards! Type /vote or visit the Vote page, and click on each site.

With each vote, you massively support the server's growth. You also earn in-game money, from $500 all the way to $25,000 if you're lucky. Every 10 votes, you earn a Vote Key, which can be used to open the Vote Crate at /warp crates.


Enjoy your time playing on Avallion? Support the server by donating to us on our store!

We offer donor ranks, gear packs, and claim blocks to help boost your experience. You can also make a custom donation, and get our love and kisses in return. <3

Avallion is a passion project that's run on generosity, so every euro you donate keeps the server running for another day. We promise 100% of donations will go to making the server better and more fun for everyone!


Please join our official Discord server on To access all the features on the server, you have to link your account by typing /discord link in-game. Then, send the 6-letter code to @Lancebot on the Discord server. You will be notified once your account has successfully been linked.

On the Discord server, you can check out #announcements, get support from staff on #support, report bugs, make suggestions, and even chat live to the Minecraft server!


Staff are players who moderate the server and can help you in almost any situation. You can see if someone is staff by prefix on front of their name, like [TrialMod], [Mod], [Admin], and [Manager]. If you need support in server-related issues, report a player, or have questions regarding the server, don't hesitate to ask staff!

Do note that staff aren't there as your personal assistants, so please be respectful towards staff.

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